Air Operated Hydraulic Pumps

Air operated hydraulic pumps provide the high–pressure hydraulic oil to pressurize Hydraulic Stud Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts. The specifications below are for HTI’s standard hydraulic air pumps. Each of these Models is available in versions for various maximum operating pressure ranges, including 21,750 psi (1,500 Bar) and 29,000 psi (2,000 Bar).

The pressure gauges on our air operated hydraulic pumps are stainless steel and are glycerin filled. The pressure pumps have also been fully calibrated and come with a Calibration Certificate. Other Models with higher flow rates, higher maximum operating pressures, digital pressure gauges or larger hydraulic reservoir capacities are available. Contact our Customer Service to learn more about our air operated hydraulic pumps. We have the pump that’s right for you.

Hydraulic Air Pump Models

CTP-100 Compact, Hydraulic Air Pump

HTP-100 Hydraulic Air Stud Tensioner Pump

Hydraulic Air Pump Capabilities

HTI’s air operated hydraulic pumps are available in a variety of sizes and specifications so that your business has the right pump for the job. Please view the PDF below to find which one you need.

Air-Operated Hydraulic Stud Tensioner Pump Options

SpecificationCTP-100 HTP-100 HTP-200
Input Air Flow (ft³/min, m³/min)28 (0.79) 28 (0.79) 56 (1.6)
Output Flow Rates (in³/min)     
5,000 psi Output Pressure *1:151537
15,000 psi Output Pressure *1: 121228
30,000 psi Output Pressure *1: 6616
Output Flow Rates (ml/min)
500 Bar Output Pressure *2: 230230600
1,500 Bar Output Pressure *2: 160160380
2,000 Bar Output Pressure *2: 110110300
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (gal/l):1.0 (3.6) 1.0 (3.6) 1.8 (6.8)
Overall Weight with Oil (lb/kg): 53 (24) 69 (31) 81 (37)
Dimensions (in, cm)
Width: 21 (53) 19 (48) 19 (48)
Height: 9 (23) 24 (61) 30 (76)
Depth: 17 (43) 19 (49) 19 (49)

We also offer hydraulic hand pumps to suit your application.

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