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CamNut Hydraulic Tensioner

CamNut EziJac System

What is a CamNut EziJac System?

The CamNut EziJac system is a method to tension existing studs that do not have enough thread engagement above the hex nut. In normal applications, a bolt tensioning tool pulls on the bolt threads protruding above the regular hex nut, which is then screwed down to retain the loads induced by the hydraulic operation of the tool. If there is no available thread, the CamNut EziJac system performs as the connection to the bolt for the operation. Its integral collar expands to take up the bolt’s elongation under force and retains the load when the hydraulic charging pressure is released.

The revolutionary CamNut hydraulic tensioner brings an affordable and efficient solution in a compact system that is simple, safe, and easy to use.

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HTI's CamNut hydraulic tensioner is ideal for the following applications:

  • Where bolts are of large diameter
  • Accurate and reliable loading is required on bolting
  • Space for tooling is restricted
  • Simultaneous tightening of bolts is required
  • Even joint/gasket compression is required
  • Regular maintenance requires repeated adjustment or removal of nuts
  • Speed of operation is essential


The CamNut EziJac system comes with several benefits designed to meet your bolt tensioning needs, such as:

  • No longer need to replace expensive studs to provide sufficient grip length
  • Modular construction reduces overall tool weight
  • Designed for extreme situations/adverse conditions
  • Minimises cost
  • Reduces downtime
  • Achievable reliable and precise tensioning the first time
  • User friendly to improve safety
  • Requires little physical effort
  • Fast to fit and remove
  • Reduce breakdowns and damage
  • Removes risk of strike and pinch point injuries caused by other tightening methods


  • User friendly, fast to fit & remove.
  • Requires little physical effort.
  • Quick connection from nut to Tensioner.
  • Ideal for situations with short bolt grip length.
  • Modular construction reduces overall tool weight.
  • Operating temperatures from –40 deg to +650 deg c

Custom Engineered Tensioners Since 1986

HTI has been designing engineered solutions to your toughest bolt tensioning problems since 1986! You can choose from one of our standard catalog sizes above, or we can design a custom fixed tensioner for any application when a standard model won’t work. HTI tensioners can be designed for imperial or metric-sized studs, high loads, high temperatures, large stud sizes or corrosive environments. Our multi-unit tensioning systems can make easy work of large bolted systems, and our automated tensioning systems can reduce labor and increase throughput in high-volume manufacturing applications. 

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