Defense Industry Hydraulic Tensioning

HTI provides hydraulic stud tensioning solutions for a wide range of defense applications. Our vast experience allows us to create customized solutions that help you control the costs from incorrectly tightened studs. We have made stud tensioners and hydraulic nuts for space centers, weapon defense programs and more.

Defense Hydraulic Tensioning Application

  • Missile launch systems
  • The space shuttle
  • Experimental weaponry for the military
  • Satellites, wind-tunnel power trains
  • Pressure vessels used to neutralize and safely dispose of chemical weapons

Our systems are also used in applications on the nuclear power plants in submarines and aircraft carriers as well as in the aircraft launch systems on aircraft carriers. See all of the industries we cater to for your specific hydraulic tensioning needs.

Simply put, when you choose HTI, you’ll get the most effective tightening method for your specific application. Contact us today to learn more about our defense industry hydraulic tensioning products and services.

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