Common Bolt Tensioning & Hydraulic Stud Questions

Hydraulic Stud Tensioners are frequently used to loosen, or breakout, studs. It is important to protect the stud threads from damage and from corrosion during the time between makeup and breakout. Read More 

You can tension most applications with one Hydraulic Stud Tensioner. Using additional Tensioners gives the benefit of even flange closure and speeds up the job. Read More 

Plan to have at least one (1) diameter of thread protruding above the nut. Read More 

When you tension a stud with a Hydraulic Stud Tensioner, the stud acts like a spring and gets longer (elongates). Potential energy is created by the combination of the stud’s elongation and tension. Read More 

Most of HTI’s Hydraulic Stud Tensioners have dual Hydraulic Ports, even though they are single-acting, because Dual Ports simplify the Hydraulic Hose connections. Read More 

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