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Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic Nuts

HTI’s line of hydraulic nuts are compact, easy to use, and provide a high level of accuracy. The hydraulic nut replaces the nut normally used, and stays with the stud. It is the most compact system and does not require additional stud length. The operator simply screws the hydraulic nut down tight and connects the hydraulic hoses. After reaching pressure, the operator either screws down a collar or inserts shims designed for the specific hydraulic nut application. Hydraulic nuts offer a number of advantages over traditional nuts. nuts, and can easily be pressurized using HTI’s air operated hydraulic pump or electric hydraulic pump—whichever suits your job better.

Hydraulic Nut Advantages

  • Trouble–free, No-Leak, Lo–Friction Seals.
  • Overstroke Indicator.
  • Extra–Long Working Stroke.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design.
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain.
  • Total Quality Assurance.
  • Dependable Operation.
  • Collar, Shim or Hydraulic Bolt Styles.

Hydraulic Nut Specifications

  • A minimum of one thread diameter of thread engagement is recommended.
  • Stud load is directly proportional to the pressure applied.
  • For top ports, allow 9 inches (23 cm) above tool for hose and fitting clearance.
  • Side ports are available in Models NG and larger.
  • Maximum Pressure: 29,000 psi, 200 MPs, 2,000 Bars

If our standard hydraulic nut sizes don’t meet your required specifications, HTI offers custom hydraulic nut design services and can help you find a solution to all of your hydraulic nut needs.