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Long Stroke Working Nuts

Long Stroke Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic tensioning with hydraulic tensioners and nuts is the ideal method for tightening bolted connections. Hydraulic tensioning eliminates inaccuracies and helps achieve correct bolt loading in critical fasteners. At HTI, we’ve been building hydraulic tensioners and nuts since 1986. 

What are Long Stroke Hydraulic Nuts?

HTI’s provides long-stroke hydraulic nuts for applications where multiple cycles may be necessary to achieve the proper loading with a standard hydraulic nut. The longer the overall stud length, the longer the stroke required to achieve the same tension. 

A long-stroke hydraulic nut can be especially helpful for subsea use, where performing an additional operation can be cumbersome, or when using multiple nuts on the bolting of a large assembly where multiple cycles would be time-consuming. 

Long Stroke Hydraulic Nut Specifications

HTI standard hydraulic nuts have strokes of up to 0.6 in / 15 mm. HTI has also made hydraulic nuts with strokes of up to 3" / 76mm for special applications.


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Custom Engineered Solutions Since 1986

HTI has been designing engineered solutions to your toughest bolt tensioning problems for over 35 years! Choose from one of HTI’s hydraulic nut catalog models or we can design a custom hydraulic nut for any application when a standard model won’t work. HTI hydraulic nuts can be designed for imperial or metric-sized studs. Contact us to start the process of getting the right tensioning solution for your application.

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