Pump Coupling Tensioners

Hydraulics Technology offers hydraulic pump coupling tensioners to help you with your application in a way that is cost-effective, fast, safe, and accurate.

Traditionally, installing and removing coupling flanges on tapered shafts has been accomplished by heating the flange or by using a jury–rigged assortment of mechanical jacks. These methods are time-consuming and can be a safety hazard. To avoid these methods, HTI has developed our very own Pump Coupling Tensioners, which allows you and your team to install and remove coupling flanges in a fast, accurate, safe, and cost-effective way.

Benefits of HTI’s Pump Coupling Tensioners:


The Pump Coupling Tensioner reduces a 12–hour chore to a 20–minute task. There is no need to wait for the coupling to heat up or cool down.


Hydraulic pump coupling tensioners have the power to accurately advance the coupling to its proper position on the shaft. There is no time–consuming rework associated with a mispositioned pump coupling tensioner.


It is designed to fit the specific coupling. Controlled hydraulic pressure pulls the shaft and coupler together or pushed them apart. No heating is required. Safety was a top-priority we considered when designing our Pump Coupling Tensioners, so you can rest easy knowing HTI has your back.

Cost Effective

The pump coupling tensioner is reversible, so it performs both the assembly and the disassembly task. For most designs the hydraulic pressure is provided by a standard (10,000 psi) hand pump and hose. Higher operating pressures, up to 33,000 psi, are available.

Pump Coupling Tensioner Applications:

  • Condensate Booster Pump (CBP)
  • Reactor Coolant Pump (RPC)
  • Reactor Feed Pump (RFP)
  • Reactor Recirculation Pump (RRP)
  • Feedwater Pump
  • Heater Drain Pump
  • Steam Generator Feed Pump (Both Main & Auxiliary Pumps)
  • Any Primary or Secondary Pump with a Tapered Shaft
  • Any Piece of Rotating Equipment with a Tapered Shaft

Hydraulic Pump Coupling Assembly

Thread the Pump Coupling Tensioner onto the tapered shaft. Connect the hose assembly and the hand pump, then increase the pressure to push the coupler flange to the desired location on the shaft.



Thread the opposite end of the Pump Coupling Tensioner onto the tapered shaft. Install the Backup Plate for the Tensioner to push against. Attach the hose assembly and the hand pump, then increase the pressure to push the flange off of the tapered shaft.

Pump Manufacturers with Tapered–Shaft Coupling Flanges

  • Allis-Chalmers
  • Bingham Willamette
  • Byron Jackson
  • CE–KSB
  • DeLaval
  • Gould
  • Ingersol Rand
  • Johnston
  • Pacific
  • Sulzer
  • Sulzer Bingham
  • Westinghouse
  • Worthington

We also offer hydraulic pumps to help transfer liquids into hydraulic systems.

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