Siemens Tensioner Kit

Bolt Tensioning Kit For Siemens 501F Gas Turbine

Siemens 501F Kit

HTI manufactures Field Service Kits specifically tailored for the Siemens 501F Gas Turbine. Our Siemens Tensioner Kit is custom-designed to contain every piece required to accomplish your field objectives. Kits are typically packaged in a durable metal container to allow mobility & accessibility in even the most remote locations.

This kit contains the following pieces:

  • M39 x 3 Dual Stage Tensioner (2)
  • M42 x 3 Dual Stage Tensioner (2)
  • M45 x 3 Dual Stage Tensioner (2)
  • M45 x 4.5 Dual Stage Tensioner, Long (2)
  • M45 x 4.5 Dual Stage Tensioner, Short (2)
  • M45 x 4.5 Dual Stage Tensioner, Compact (2)
  • Retraction Jig for Compact M45 Tensioners (2)
  • M48 x 3 Dual Stage Tensioner (2)
  • 2″-8UN Dual Stage Tensioners (2)
  • Tapered Bridge and Gearbox Assembly for 2″ Tensioners (2)
  • M56x3 Dual Stage Tensioners(2)
  • 2.5″-8UN Dual Stage Tensioners (2)
  • 2.75″-8UN Single Stage Tensioners, Compact (2)
  • 2.75″-8UN Puller Bar/Bridge Adaptors (2)
  • 3″-8UN Dual Stage Tensioners (2)
  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly, 5 Meter Long (3)
  • Air Operated Hydraulic Pump (2)
  • Set of Spare Sacrificial Bridge Rings (1)
  • Tommy Bars (4)
  • Steel Storage Boxes (2)
    • Note: Tensioners include the following features:
      • Spring Return, Positive Stop safety end-cap system, Bridges with sacrificial ring design, Magnetic Counter, Geared Nut rundown system, and handling straps

If you need a kit for a specific manufacturer or a custom kit for a new design our team is ready to take your call & discuss how we can help to develop your solution today!

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