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Solutions Gallery
Solutions Gallery

Hydraulic Tensioning Case Studies


HTI designed and manufactured eight 12” diameter Hydraulic Nuts for a customer rebuilding a 3,000-ton hydraulic press.

4 of 8 Hydraulic Nuts that operate on non-standard 12" stamping press tie rods

Hydraulic stamping press. 4 of the hydraulic nuts are visible at the top; four more lie in the foundation pit


A company wanted to rebuild a circa 1950s hydraulic press. The four 12” diameter tie rods were in good condition and could be reused.  The original nuts were round with drilled holes for tightening and loosening.  It was slow, difficult, and dangerous to tighten and loosen these nuts manually.  Once tightened, the tension was unknown and could vary significantly from rod to rod.  Another challenge was that a drawing of the tie rod was not available, so the thread specifications were unknown.  


The customer chose to use HTI hydraulic nuts because they produce accurate tension and are faster, safer, and easier to use than conventional nuts.

The customer sent an old nut to HTI for thread measurements. HTI determined that the original manufacturer made the tie rods to a standard that predated the current Unified Screw Standards and used a custom thread pitch.  HTI designed and made a thread gauge for the customer to check on the tie rods.  The gauge worked, HTI finalized the design and produced the hydraulic nuts.  The customer reports that the hydraulic nuts are assembled and are “working great”.

Fast Turnaround

HTI Helps design, manufacture and deliver a custom tensioner for a customer in 7 days 

The custom designed tensioner in use

Custom designed tensioner model


Deliver the customer a custom-designed high-capacity hydraulic tensioner to fit in a tighter than normal space. Design, manufacture, test and deliver the tensioner in 2 weeks to run about 600 tensioning cycles on close to 190 studs.


HTI’s experienced and nimble engineering team took on the challenge and designed a custom tensioner in a week, with no compromise to customer safety and specifications.  Manufacturing was expedited. The custom tensioner was delivered seven days after it was ordered. 


The customer was able to run about 600 tensioning cycles with just one tensioner. HTI’s rapid response helped the customer avoid Non-productive time and stay on target with project timelines. 


HTI helps Large Diesel Engine manufacturer fully automates the cylinder head stud tensioning process 


A large OEM diesel manufacturer wanted to improve their process of tightening the cylinder heads.

  1. Manual torquing is time-consuming and imprecise.
  2. Manually tightening with tensioners leaves room for operator errors/omissions and results are hard to document


HTI Fully automated tensioning system from HTI provides these benefits:

  • All of the Cylinder Head nuts are tightened simultaneously.
  • Computer control eliminates inconsistency.
  • Position sensing assures all studs are properly tensioned.
  • Time savings, since each cylinder head is tensioned in less than two minutes with one operator.
  • Data logging capability documents data for complete process traceability and later review.

Custom Hydraulic Tensioning Systems

HTI sets itself apart from the competition by being able to create custom solutions for its customers in record time. HTI has over 35 years of experience in designing custom tensioning solutions for its customers. All orders are subject to a stringent design, manufacturing, and quality control process. Contact us today to start the process of creating your bolt tensioning solution. 

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