HTI Wind Turbine Tensioners

Hydraulics Technology offers hydraulic stud tensioning solutions for the wind turbine industry. Our wind industry tensioners and equipment are tried, true, and are extremely reliable for tensioning critical joints. 

Engineered and Field Tested for your Wind Service Applications

HTI’s Wind Turbine Tensioners have been designed by our team for a variety of renewable energy wind turbine bolting applications.

Hydraulics Technology offers a wide range of customized solutions for your wind service bolting applications. We work with our customers from the very beginning of their projects to the very end. This process allows our team to custom design our customers wind turbine bolting solutions to perfectly suit their job/application.

Our custom solutions set us apart from our competitors, and we manufacture tensioning kits for most major wind turbine manufacturers. Contact our Engineering Team today to discuss the wind tensioning solution you need today.

Durable and Secure Wind Turbine Bolts

Wind turbine tensioners are a critical item in the proper functioning of any wind turbine. These tensioners are needed to tighten and tension the turbine’s bolts to their required torque. 

HTI is not limited to one type of wind turbine bolting application. We offer Single-Stage and Multi-Stage tensioners that have been engineered for OEM Wind Turbines, including: Nacelle Frame Bolting, Blade Bolting, Tower Bolting (mid and upper sections), Bearing to Hub Bolting, Hub to Spindle Bolting, and much more. 

Hydraulic Technology’s Wind Turbine Tensioners are being used across the wind service industry, and for good reason. Our customized solutions are applicable on a wide range of wind turbines, including: 

  • Siemens SG2.1 Wind Turbines 
  • Vestas V110 Model Wind Turbines 
  • Vestas V116 Model Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Bolting Applications

  • Blade to Hub Bearing
  • Front Foot to Base
  • Base to Yaw Bearing
  • Yaw Bearing to Tower Top
  • Rotor to Gear Hub
  • Hub to Main Shaft
  • Tower Segment Flanges
  • Foundation (Base Bolt) Studs

Foundation Tensioners

These Foundation Tensioners utilize a standard Hex Nut from the application as the reaction nut to tension the stud. They feature a long working stroke (1”/25mm), have automatic piston re-stroking and operate at 10,000 psi. High-Pressure Single and Dual-Stage Foundation Tensioners are also available.

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