Wind Turbine Tensioners

Hydraulics Technology offers hydraulic stud tensioning solutions for the wind turbine industry. The two tensioners that are most popular for the Wind Turbine Industry are below:

Foundation Tensioners

These Foundation Tensioners utilize a standard Hex Nut from the application as the reaction nut to tension the stud. They feature a long working stroke (1”/25mm), have automatic piston re-stroking and operate at 10,000 psi. High-Pressure Single and Dual-Stage Foundation Tensioners are also available.

Wind Turbine Tensioner Applications:

  • Blade to Hub Bearing
  • Front Foot to Base
  • Base to Yaw Bearing
  • Yaw Bearing to Tower Top
  • Rotor to Gear Hub
  • Hub to Main Shaft
  • Tower Segment Flanges
  • Foundation (Base Bolt) Studs

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