Advantages of Dual Hydraulic Ports

Why do the Hydraulic Stud Tensioners have Dual Hydraulic Ports?

Answer: Most of HTI’s Hydraulic Stud Tensioners have dual Hydraulic Ports, even though they are single-acting, because Dual Ports simplify the Hydraulic Hose connections. Typically, a longer Hose (15’ or 5m) connects from the Hydraulic Pump to the first Tensioner. Additional Hydraulic Hoses interconnect the Hydraulic Stud Tensioners in series, or “daisy-chained”.

Hydraulic Hoses have rated working pressures consistent with the working pressure of the Hydraulic Stud Tensioner and are available in any length. They are supplied with Hydraulic Quick-Disconnect (QD) Fittings and are pre-charged with hydraulic oil.

Would I ever need a single port?

For some applications, it is more convenient or faster to connect the Tensioner in parallel. In these cases, HTI can supply the Hydraulic Stud Tensioner with a single port and QD fitting. The Tensioners are interconnected using either Hydraulic Hoses with Tees, for series connection, or with a distribution block for parallel connection.

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