Importance of Elongation for Tensioners

What is elongation?

Answer: When you tension a stud with a Hydraulic Stud Tensioner, the stud acts like a spring and gets longer (elongates). Potential energy is created by the combination of the stud’s elongation and tension. This energy is stored when you tighten the nut and provides the clamping force on the flange.

Trust HTI for Your Elongation Needs

HTI takes tension and elongation requirements into account when designing or selecting the right Tensioner for an application.

Stud Elongation Example

The 2”- 8 studs in an ANSI 20 x 900 flange have a grip length of 11” (279 mm). At 50% of yield in a B16 material, the residual tension in this stud is 146,200 lbf (649 kN). This tension produces an elongation of 0.019” (0.48 mm).

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